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2017 films, ranked

I saw more movies this year than I ever have before, which has made ranking them more of a labor and resulted in this belated “product.” I’ve still missed a lot. And I’ll get to them all in the next few months. The movies are like church. It’s a chance sit in a dark place,

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“Love Is Dead” –University of Michigan

By Ryan Dowd So, stick with me as I bury the lede here. I’m inclined to click on any article/list that includes any of the following: romantic comedies, cliches, beliefs, ect. Because I’ve seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, (500) Days of Summer, and Wedding Crashers about 30 times combined. So a couple weeks ago I came across this little gem.

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Man in Love with Operating System, Beautiful?

My phone vibrated while I watched Her and I felt uncomfortable. Caught up in Spike Jonze’s futuristic society of potty mouth video game characters and high wasted pants, I had forgotten about my mere mortal phone that doesn’t care about my secrets, dreams and ambitions. And while my iPhone doesn’t flip open and fold over

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