Ryan Dowd, Editor

School(s): Boston College, St. Louis U. High

Twitter: @RPD_1993

Obscure Movie Quote: “Woof!” – Air Bud, Air Bud 3 (2001)

Hi, how are you? I’m good. I know you didn’t ask me. I’ll assume you would have. I’m Ryan. I’m from St. Louis. I live in Boston, and I’m perpetually cold. I’m an English major, American Studies and film minor at Boston College. I love four things—the St. Louis Cardinals, the St. Louis Rams, Friday Night Lights, and my hair.


Stephen Nelson, Editor

School(s): Truman State University, St. Louis U. High


Obscure Movie Quote: “Feet off the table!” – Fred and George Weasley, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

According to recent survey results, my main conversation topics include: acquiring and eating food, Twitter, and Kanye West.  I started my Netflix account on December 26th, 2011 at 12:04 AM by watching five consecutive episodes of Breaking Bad. I’m Stephen (yes, with a ph). And yes, the rumors are true. I’m St. Louis born and raised. I live in Kirksville, attempting to live dangerously as an English and Communication major and Film Studies minor.

Editor’s Note: Stephen also listens to music that is not Kanye.


Matt Howard

School(s): Truman State University, Duchesne High School

Twitter: matt_howard_

Obscure Movie Quote: “Show me the blueprints, show me the blueprints, show me the blueprints, show me the blueprints…”  Howard Hughes, The Aviator

I spend too much money going to the movies by myself and too much time dreaming of  owning ice shops and/or food carts. I want to learn to play the sport of curling because it involves both shuffleboard and tidying up simultaneously. My inspirations in life are Jonah Hill and Ezra Koeing, and I’ve uttered the phrase “It’s going timber,” far too many times. Namaste.


Brendan O’Connell

Schools: Boston College, Miller Place High School

Twitter: @bjoc93

Obscure Movie Quote: “I just really want a milkshake.” –Perks of Being a Wallflower

Some of my friends call me BOC, which is unrelated to my initials. I am an accounting major and a film studies minor. I spend what some people would consider to be too much time watching Netflix, but what I would consider not enough time. My favorite genre is “90’s Supernatural Drama with a Female Lead”, and I am most likely re-watching a season of Big Brother as you read this. * drops the mic *

Jack Staff Pic

Jack Mohrmann

Schools: Saint Louis University, THE St. Louis University High School

Twitter: @jacklemohr

Obscure Movie Quote: “There’s the flavor!”—Hot Rod

I am a loving father of four beautiful hookahs, and I like to spend my free time with them in the garage listening to new album releases. If you have a few spare hours laying around, firstly, pick them up, that’s rude, and secondly, ask me about my feelings on Top Dawg Entertainment. If you don’t like Imo’s, racquetball, or Kendrick Lamar, our relationship ends at the end of this sentence. #oohkillem

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